Welcome to the ISMessage documentation and here you can find some handy guides to use the platform.

What is ISMessenger Platform ?

ISMessenger is a business messaging platform that connects contacts from any channel to every team. The platform allows customers to message you via any channel and provides a 360° view to every team in the company.

We want to help you better manage your contacts and conversations from various channels and make it easier for you and your team to respond to your contacts in a more efficient way. The platform also provides a way for you to collaborate with your teammates.


📥 Shared Inbox

By having a shared inbox, you can collaborate with your teammates and respond to your contacts lightning fast. This way, you and your teammates can co-operate on conversations and deliver amazing customer experiences, faster.

🌎 360° Customer View

No more logging into multiple platforms, find all your customer chats in one place. No matter the channel, you are able to find a single story for every customer from a single source. With custom fields and tags, it will be easier to achieve your customer segmentation needs.

⚙️ Chat Automation

Less work, more messages for a more productive workforce. Create workflows to help your teammates better manage their efforts into resolving customer issues.

🚗 Respond on the Go

With the ISMessenger responsive UI on any browser, you can respond to your customers on your mobile device at your own convenience. The ISMessenger responsive UI has the necessary functionality for you to perform the necessary tasks so that you can just work on the go.

Try it out!

The best way to discover the platform is to try it out yourself. Whether you are thinking of connecting a business messaging app to the platform or create a Web Chat Widget from scratch, get started with the ISMessenger Platform for free with the following guide. No credit card required!

pageQuick Start

If you already have a Space on the platform, you can brush up on the platform navigation and some of our features here:


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