This module lists all the contacts the platform has interacted with.

Getting here

This module is accessible by Owner and Manager only!

This module can be accessed from the side navigation menu under the menu item, Contacts.

The Contacts module has three main sections:

  1. Contact View Selector

  2. Contacts Table

  3. Contacts Menu

The view selector is a dropdown where you can select different views of the contacts.

Learn more about Views!

2. Contacts Table

From the contacts table, you will find records of your contacts and their information.

You may sort the customer records by pressing on the column headers of the contacts table.

Note that the information displayed on your Contact table may differ depending on the columns you have selected.

Contact Profile

The contact profile consists of a profile image and name which is supplied by the messaging channel used by the contact to send a message to the platform. In the absence of a profile image, a standard initial avatar will be used in replacement. As for the profile name, the phone number or email address will be used instead.


At the last column of the Contacts table, you can find the dropdown menu,

From this dropdown menu, there are a few options available:

  • View Details: Opens up the contact record and view more details

  • View Messages: Show contact's message history on the Messaging Module.

  • Delete: Delete this contact from the contact list

Be mindful when you delete a record as deletion or records cannot be undone!

3. Contacts Menu

Adding Contacts

Step 1: Navigate to Contacts Module Press ADD CONTACT

Step 2: Choose either to add a single contact or multiple contact If you choose to add a single contact, please continue to follow through the guide.

If you choose to add multiple contacts, please refer to this guide on how to add multiple contacts.

Step 3: Fill in the required information Fill in the contact's information on the form provided.

Step 4: Review and press ADD Once you have completed the form, review the information and press ADD.

Automations and automatic contact assignments will not be executed for contacts added from the contact module.

Searching for Contacts

If you wish to search for a particular contact, you may use the search box and input a search query. The search query can any of the following fields:-

  • Name

  • Channel

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Tags

  • Custom fields

Filtering Contacts

You can view a list of Contacts that fulfill a set of criteria by applying filters

Step 1: Click the filter icon The filter drawer will open on the right when the icon is clicked..

Step 2: Specify the filters The following are criteria that can be filtered:

  • Contact Fields

    • Standard contact fields (e.g. First Name, Country)

    • Assignee

    • Conversation Opened Time

    • Contact Creation Time (Created At)

    • Last Interaction Time

  • Channels

  • Contact Tag

  • Last Interacted Channel

  • Time Since Last Incoming Message

  • Contact fields manually created in the Workspace

Tips: Nested conditions are now supported. These refer to a group of condition statements contained within the definition of a primary condition.

Step 3: View the filter results Filters are updated in real-time and will be immediately reflected in the results.

For an unfiltered view of your Contacts, click CLEAR at the bottom right of the filter drawer.

Tips: You can save and apply filters perpetually in a Custom Inbox, which would only display Contacts who fulfill a defined set of criteria. Find out how to do this below.

Step 4: Save New View

This step is optional. You can create a Custom Inbox that filters Contacts based on selected filter options. To do this, click on the SAVE NEW INBOX button at the bottom left of the filter drawer.

Name your new inbox and click SAVE.

Learn more on how to manage Views.

Exporting Contacts

Only Owners and Managers with no such restriction can perform this action!

If you wish to export the Contacts in the Inbox, you can do so by selecting an export option from the Actions menu. You can export your Contacts in a CSV file.

Customizing Columns

The columns showing in the Contacts Table can be customized depending on your information needs. It can be done by selecting Customize Columns option from the More Menu.

Indicate via the checkboxes which columns you wish to display in your Contacts Table.

The column display will automatically update and reflect your selections.

The column name is required and cannot be deselected.

Selecting Multiple Contacts

Select the Contacts you want by checking the box to the left of their respective names in the Contact row, or selecting all Contacts after applying the desired filters.

You can then perform the below actions.

Delete Multiple Contacts

Only Owners and Managers with no such restriction can perform this action!

Step 1: Select multiple contacts Select the contacts by checking the box at the left of the contact row

Step 2: Press DELETE Press on DELETE beside the Contact View Selector

Step 3: Confirm Deletion Confirm to delete the selected contacts by pressing DELETE

Assign Tags to Multiple Contacts

Step 1: Select multiple contacts Select the contacts by checking the box at the left of the contact row

Step 2: Press Assign Tags Press on ASSIGN TAGS beside the Contact View Selector

Step 3: Input the tags Key in the relevant tags and press ADD TAGS to assign tags to the selected contact

Merge Contacts

Step 1: Select two contacts Select the contacts by checking the box at the left of the contact row

Step 2: Press Merge Contacts Press on MERGE CONTACTS beside the Contact View Selector.

Step 3: Compare Contact Profile Review the contacts you would like to merge and select the appropriate values for the merged contact

Step 4: Review and Merge Once you have reviewed the contact profile, press MERGE CONTACT to merge both contact profiles.

When you merge two contacts, all Channels, Messages, Events and Comments will be consolidated in a single contact profile. You may have a holistic view of the Contact and understand them better through their interactions with the Space.

Conversations closed by merging Contacts will NOT trigger a Workflow

Unmerge Contacts

If you accidentally merge two contacts, you can unmerge them

Step 1: Search for the contact Search for the contact that you wish to unmerge.

Step 2: Select Unmerge Contact On the contact row, select the Actions menu and select Unmerge Contact from the list.

Step 3: Select Contact Select the contact you wish to unmerge from the contact.

Step 4: Confirm Once you reviewed and confirmed, press UNMERGE to proceed with the action.

Events and Messages that was interacted after contact merge will be tagged to the primary contact. When you unmerge a contact from a primary contact, the interactions will not show in the secondary contact.

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