CRM Integration: Salesforce

Learn how to integrate Salesforce with IS-Messenger using Zapier to automatically manage Contact information.

Streamline your communication with leads by integrating your Salesforce platform to IS-Messenger using Zapier. With this integration, you can automate various processes and tasks between Salesforce and IS-Messenger, such as:

  • Real time data updates to IS-Messenger Contacts when new leads are created

  • Enriching Salesforce lead data with new updates from IS-Messenger

We’ve created Zapier templates to accomplish some common business goals, so you don’t need to start your Zaps from scratch.

All templates will require you to connect to IS-Messenger; follow the steps to set up a IS-Messenger Zapier integration here.

List of Zapier Templates

Create a record in Salesforce when a Contact is created in IS-Messenger

If your conversations with leads start over instant messaging, you’ll want to add the lead to your Salesforce records. With this automation, it’s simple. Whenever you create a new Contact in IS-Messenger, they’ll be added as a Salesforce record automatically.

Update a lead in Salesforce when a IS-Messenger Contact is updated

Save time on updating your leads in Salesforce with this integration. If you update a Contact in IS-Messenger, they’ll be updated in Salesforce so your data is always up-to-date.

Create or update a new Contact in IS-Messenger when a new Salesforce record is created

Want to chat with your Salesforce leads over instant messaging? This integration makes that effortlessly possible, automatically generating a Contact in IS-Messenger whenever a new record is generated in Salesforce.

Update a Contact in IS-Messenger when a Salesforce record is updated

When you chat with a Contact in IS-Messenger, you’ll want to know what their status is in the sales funnel and get any additional information to add context to the conversation. Use this automation to update Contact details in IS-Messenger when new Salesforce records are updated so you’ll always have the latest info.

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