Assignment Strategy: Automatic Contact Distribution & Load Balancing

Business Goal: Automate Contact assignment based on the preferred load distribution strategy.

IS Messenger default Contact Assignment behavior is the pick-and-assign system. As your company grows, this manual process can be time-consuming and raise a potential problem in ensuring a fair inbound conversation distribution among your sales or support agents. These issues can be easily avoided by setting up a Workflow with automatic assignment logic based on your business’ needs.

Benefits of Auto-Assignment & Load Distribution

Use contact distribution/load balancing to:

  • Save agents and managers time compared to manual assignment processes.

  • Improve response time as customers will be assigned to an agent quickly.

  • Distribute Contacts among agents fairly to ensure effective resource allocation.

Workflow Setup

To optimize your auto-assignment strategy, here are 2 load distribution logic to consider.

Business preferences

Auto-Assignment Strategy

- Resolve inquiries as quickly as possible

- Focused on reducing sales and support costs

Low-Cost Load Distribution

- Provide great service

- Views excellent service as a competitive advantage

High-Quality Load Distribution

For Low-Cost Assignment Strategy, click Assignment: Round Robin + Online Only > Use template

For High Quality Assignment Strategy, click Assignment: Least Open Contacts > Use template

Both Workflows are triggered when a conversation is open by Contact and an auto-reply is sent with a Welcome Message. You can customize the Welcome Message as desired.

If you have multiple teams, use routing to route contacts to the right team first before applying an auto-assignment strategy.

Then, edit the Assign To Step to set up auto-assignment based on your strategy preferences.

Low-Cost Auto-Assignment Strategy Configuration
High-Quality Auto-Assignment Strategy Configuration

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