Reports: Assignments

The Assignments report provides an insight into how Contact assignments are working and if the assignments are done effectively on the platform. You can learn the total number of assignments and number of assignments done by source, as well as gain deeper insights on each Contact assignment that happened within a selected period.

Getting Here

Navigate to the Reports module and click Assignments.


  • Frequency and date — Select a date range from the drop-down list to be applied to the report. Alternatively, you can define the date range by frequency. The following options are available:

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • Last 7 Days

    • Last 14 Days

    • Last 30 Days

    • This Month

    • Last Month

  • +Add Filter — You can refine the view of the report components by adding more filter(s). The following filters are available:

    • Source

    • Assigned To

    • Assigned By User

    • Contact - Search the Contact by Contact name and Contact ID. Use Contact filter to see the assignments for the specified Contact.

    • Conversation ID - Filter by conversation ID to view the assignments that occurred in one conversation. As a manager, you can use this filter to analyze why certain conversations had many assignments.

  • Clear All — You can use this option to reset the filters to the default selections.

You may encounter a chart with the following message displayed: - The selected filter(s) are not applicable here: This means the filter(s) you have selected are not applicable to the chart. - The selected filter(s) have no applicable data: This means no data is available for the selected filter(s), for e.g. the chart is new and only available at a date later than the selected date range.

Report Components

Contact Assignments


The number and percentage of Contact assignments within the selected period by sources.

Unassignment will also be counted as an assignment.

The ways to assign and unassign a Contact are as follows:



Developer API

The Contact was assigned by Developer API.


The Contact was assigned by Workflow step.


The Contact was assigned by Dialogflow bot.


The Contact was assigned by Zapier action.


The Contact was assigned by user from the Messages module. It applies when a user sends an outgoing message and the Contact is assigned to the user.

Contact Import

The Contact was assigned using the Contact Import feature where the assignee is indicated for the Contact in the Assignee column in the CSV file.

Close Conversation (Legacy)

The Contact was unassigned when a conversation is closed.

Different sources will be displayed in this report depending on the selected period.

Bar Chart

The number of Contact assignments within the selected period by sources.

Pie Chart

The percentage and total number of Contact assignments within the selected period by sources.

Contact Assignments Log

Here are the insights you can gain from each Contact assignment that happened.

Learn more about each column in the following table:

Table Headers



The date and time when the Contact was assigned.

Conversation ID

The Conversation ID of the Contact where that assignment happened.

Contact ID

The Contact ID of the Contact assigned.

Contact Name

The name of the Contact assigned.

Previous Assignee

The previous assignee of the Contact. If there is no previous assignee, this will be shown as “-”.

Assigned To

The new assignee of the Contact.


The source of assignment.

Assigned By

The user who assigned the Contact to the assignee. Only applicable if the source is User.

Reports table has a limitation of generating a maximum of 10,000 row of results. If you need more data, consider using Data Export.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What happens when a returning Contact already has an assignee?

When a returning Contact with an existing assignee opens a new conversation, it does not prompt an assignment activity. This means that no number will be added to the Contact Assignments chart and no data will be added to the Contact Assignments Log.

For example, the conversation with Joe has ended and closed, but it remains assigned to Agent Fox. The same Contact, Joe, returns with another question, opening a new conversation. Because Agent Fox has remained as the assignee from the previous conversation, Joe will automatically appear in Agent Fox’s Mine inbox. The platform will consider this as no assignment has happened.

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