Managing Spam

Business Goal: Allow your support agents to mark Contacts as spam using a shortcut button, and filter spam Contacts in your Inbound Conversations Workflow.

Benefits of Managing Spam Contacts

  • Save valuable time by removing the need for agents to interact with spam Contacts.

  • Improve agents’ overall response rate for reporting purposes.

Workflow Setup

In the Workflows module, click + Add Workflow > Select Mark Contact as Spam > Click Use Template.

Workflow steps and their functions:

  1. Trigger: This will start the Workflow when you click on the Shortcut button.

  2. Add Spam Tag: This step marks the Contact with a SPAM Tag.

  3. Close Conversation: This step closes the Conversation once the Tag has been added.

Optional customization:

  • Close Conversation: Add Closing Notes i.e. Conversation Category and Summary for reporting purposes. This will help managers easily identify high number of spam conversations and conduct further investigation on these types of conversations.

Once you have completed the setup, publish your Workflow to start marking Contacts as spam.

Filter Returning Spam Contact

To filter out Contacts that have been tagged as SPAM, add a branch step to your Inbound Conversations Workflow.

Set up and configure 2 branches for each expected outcome:

  • Not SPAM: Select Contact Tag, select none of and add the SPAM tag.

  • SPAM: Select Contact Tag, select has any of and add the SPAM tag.

Each branch checks whether the Contact has a SPAM tag or not. Depending on the result, the conversation can be closed or the Contact can be routed to continue the inbound workflow.

How to use Spam Shortcut button in Messages Module

Once you have published your Workflows, you can start using them to filter spam Contacts. Here’s an example of how to use the spam Shortcut button in the Messages Module:

  1. To mark a Contact as spam, click on the Shortcut button > select the Mark as Spam Shortcut.

  2. A notification will be displayed in the Messaging Console letting you know that this conversation has been closed by the Mark Contact as Spam Workflow.

  3. A SPAM tag is also added to the Contact at the bottom of the Contact Details Drawer

With the Branch step set up to filter spam Contacts, any time a spam Contact returns, the conversation will be closed automatically.

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