Interacting with Respond AI Prompts

In the Messages Module, compose your message in the Messaging Console. Then, select the Respond AI icon and select the prompt from the prompts listed. The message will automatically adjust as per the selection made. Once you find the changes to your liking, click send.

To change the settings of your Respond AI Prompts, click here.

Prompt Details

Here is a list of prompts available to you for selection:



Prompt Options

Change Tone

Select this prompt to set your response’s desired tone/attitude. Your response can be set to one of the following tones.

  • Professional: Select to give a formal and objective tone to your response.

  • Friendly: Select to give a likable tone to your response.

  • Empathetic: Select to give an understanding and considerate tone to your response.

  • Straightforward: Select to give a “to-the-point” tone to your response.


Select this prompt to translate your response from one language to another. When you enter a response and select this prompt, a list of languages displays for you to choose from. Your response is converted to the chosen language.

Multiple languages. For your convenience, languages used most recently are listed first.

Fix Spelling & Grammar

Select this prompt to check and fix errors in your response, e.g., spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, incorrect/missing punctuations, etc.


Simplify Language

Select this prompt to make the response easier to comprehend by making it concise and direct.


Custom Settings

Up to 4 custom prompts are available for selection according to your need. You can learn more about managing these custom prompts here.


If a selected prompt is not working, you have likely exceeded your plan’s usage limit.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Is Respond AI free?

No. Every IS-Messenger subscription plan comes with a set of assigned credits that can be managed in your Organization's Billing.

What happens to my original message when I use the prompt on it?

It will be replaced with the improved message from Respond AI. You can always use Ctrl + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac) to switch to your original message. You can use Ctrl + Y (Windows) and Command + Shift + Z (Mac) to switch back to your improved message.

Do I need to select the text in the composer for it to work with the prompt?

No, you do not. The prompt will work on all the text present in the composer.

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