Contact Search and Custom Inbox

Use Custom Inboxes to filter and save a list of Contacts who fulfill a set of conditions

Search Behavior

If you wish to search for a particular Contact, type your query in the search box. The search behavior depends on the field type you input.

  1. Partial or wild-card search: Contacts that partially match the search query will be included in the search result. Example: Searching for car will include results for Carlos, Scarlet and Oscar.

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Phone Number

  2. Strict-searching: Only Contacts that are an exact match of the search query will be included in the search result.

    • Email

    • Custom fields, except for checkbox type, date type and time type

  3. Contact fields that cannot be searched:

    • Country

    • Language

    • Gender

    • Assignee

    • Conversation Status

    • Checkbox type (custom field)

    • Date type (custom field)

    • Time type (custom field)

    • Tags

Tips: For unsearchable contact fields, use filters to find the desired Contacts

Using Custom Inboxes

Use a Custom Inbox to create a list of Contacts according to predefined filters. Custom Inboxes can help you tackle your to-do list as quickly as possible.

Tips: IS-Messenger also provides Standard and Team Inboxes. Depending on their access levels, Workspace users can use these to manage their Contacts and conversations. Learn more about the different inboxes here.

Inbox Selector

The Inbox Selector is available at two locations, from the Contacts menu and the Messages menu. Depending on your access level, you will be able to see a list of Standard, Team and Custom Inboxes in the selector.

Adding a Custom Inbox

If the Standard and Team Inboxes do not address your filtering needs, you can add a Custom Inbox to the Workspace and reuse it when necessary.

Step 1: Create a Custom Inbox Navigate to the Messages Module and click on + button next to the Custom Inbox label. Alternatively, navigate to the Contacts page, click on the Custom Inbox Selector and select Add New Inbox.

Step 2: Name the Custom Inbox Give your Custom Inbox an appropriate name. Use a self-explanatory name for easy reference.

Step 3: Specify the filters Customize your inbox view by specifying your filter conditions.

The categories available within a condition include Contact Field (inclusive of all custom fields), Contact Tag, Variables, Last Interacted Channel and Time Since Last Incoming Message. Nested conditions are now supported.

Step 4: Save the inbox Review the options and click SAVE INBOX to set the filters for the new inbox.

By default, newly created Custom Inboxes are only accessible by creators. Creators may share their Custom Inboxes with their team or other Workspace users.

Sharing a Custom Inbox

You can share a Custom Inbox you created with other users or teams in the Workspace. Custom Inboxes can be shared with one of three different settings:

Share settingsDescription


The inbox can only be accessed by the creator


The inbox can be accessed by all Workspace users


The inbox can be accessed by specific users or teams

Step 3: Select a preferred share settings Select your desired share setting. If you select Shared, fill in the list of users or teams you would like to grant inbox access to.

Step 4: Save the share settings Review the settings and click SAVE when you are ready.

A Custom Inbox can be shared with multiple users, multiple teams or a combination of both

Editing a Custom Inbox

Step 1: Navigate to the Custom Inbox Selector Select the Custom Inbox to be edited from the Custom Inbox Selector.

Step 2: Open the filtering options Click the Filter icon in the Messages Module or next to the Actions menu in the Contacts page to bring up the filtering options.

Step 3: Edit the filtering options Change the filtering options as desired. If any changes are made, the word "Edited" will be appended at the end of the Custom Inbox name.

Step 4: Save the Custom Inbox Once you are done with the filtering options, save the edited Custom Inbox by clicking SAVE INBOX at the bottom. Alternatively, you can click on the dropup menu on the button to save the new filters as a new inbox

Use Custom Inboxes to organize your Contacts into groups. To view the different Custom Inboxes you have created or have access to, use the dropdown menu on the top left of the Contacts page.

Renaming a Custom Inbox

Step 2: Rename the Custom Inbox Give the selected Custom Inbox a new name. Make sure the name is self-explanatory for easy reference.

Step 3: Save the Custom Inbox name Click the blue SAVE button to save the new name.

Deleting a Custom Inbox

If a Custom Inbox is no longer relevant or is a duplicate of another, it can be deleted from the Workspace by choosing Delete from the Actions menu.

Only saved Custom Inboxes can be edited, renamed and deleted. Standard and Team Inboxes such as Mine cannot be edited, renamed or deleted.

Be careful when you delete a Custom Inbox as it may be used by other users in the Workspace. Bear in mind that the deletion cannot be undone.

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