Getting Contacts to Message You

Business Goal: Get new Contacts into IS-Messenger by encouraging them to message your business via QR codes and chat links.

Most messaging apps require Contacts to send you the first message before you can chat with them. QR codes and chat links help encourage new Contacts to message you. QR codes are best used on posters, fliers, receipts, packaging and business cards. Chat links make it easy for people to message you from social media posts, emails and websites.

Benefits of Getting Contacts to Message You

Getting Contacts to message you helps:

  • Get new Contacts who want to hear from your business

  • Ensure Contacts have opted-in to receive messages

Method for Getting Contacts to Message You

  • Generate a scannable QR code or shareable chat link.

Method Objective


Here’s how to generate QR codes and chat links on the IS-Messenger platform.

Go to Settings > Growth Widgets > Explore Widgets > select QR Code.

Choose your preferred messaging Channel from the dropdown. We’re using Facebook Messenger as an example.

Download a QR Code

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