CRM Integration: Pipedrive

Learn how to integrate Pipedrive with IS-Mezsengero using Zapier to automatically manage Contact information and update agents on deal statuses.

Streamline your sales and customer support processes by integrating Pipedrive to IS-Messenger using Zapier. With this integration, you can automate various processes and tasks between Pipedrive and IS-Messenger, such as:

  • Real-time contact data updates between Pipedrive and IS-Messenger

  • Updating deal statuses in IS-Messenger when new deals are added in Pipedrive

  • Adding notes in Pipedrive when a conversation closes in IS-Messenger

We’ve created Zapier templates to accomplish some common business goals, so you don’t need to start your Zaps from scratch.

You will need to connect to IS-Messenger to use the Zapier templates. Follow the steps to set up your IS-Messenger and Zapier integration here.

List of Zapier Templates for Pipedrive and IS-Messenger

Add new IS-Messenger Contacts as Pipedrive people

Add leads in Pipedrive while a conversation is happening. If you chat with new leads over instant messaging via IS-Messenger, this automation will create a new person in Pipedrive for the IS-Messenger Contact.

Add new IS-Messenger updates to Pipedrive people

Don't worry about manually updating IS-Messenger Contact information to your Pipedrive account because this integration takes care of that for you. Anytime a selected field for a IS-Messenger Contact is updated, Zapier automatically updates the fields of that person in Pipedrive.

Create or update new Pipedrive Contacts in IS-Messenger when a new person is added in Pipedrive

Start chatting with Pipedrive leads right away by adding them as Contacts on IS-Messenger. With this automation, when you add a new person in Pipedrive, they’ll be added as a IS-Messenger Contact if they’re not, so you can start a conversation with them. It will also update an existing Contact profile in IS-Messenger with any new information.

Add new Pipedrive people updates to IS-Messenger Contacts

If you chat with leads over instant messaging, you’ll want to have the latest information about them to add context to your conversation. With this automation, when a person is updated in Pipedrive, they’ll be updated in IS-Messenger so you’ll know if any details have changed.

Add IS-Messenger comments for new Pipedrive deals

It’s important for sales agents to know if a deal is in progress when they’re chatting with a Contact over IS-Messenger. This integration will add a comment to the Contact’s conversation in IS-Messenger when a new Pipedrive deal is created so agents can see it when they chat.

Add comments to conversations in IS-Messenger when new Pipedrive deals are updated

With this integration, a comment will be automatically added to the corresponding conversation in IS-Messenger whenever a Pipedrive deal is updated so agents are always informed of the latest deal updates.

Find persons and add notes to Pipedrive contacts when new IS-Messenger conversations close

Closing notes in IS-Messenger allow agents to summarize the outcome of the conversation with a Contact. Pass on this valuable information to Pipedrive with this integration. With it, a note will be added to the contact in Pipedrive with IS-Messenger's closing note.

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