How to Optimize Agents’ Productivity in the Messages Module

Business Goal: To optimize productivity of agents in handling conversations on the IS-Messenger platform.

Agents may not always utilize the full capabilities of the Messages Module, which often results in a comparatively slower response time. Discover how agents can maximize the use of the Messages Module features to handle conversations seamlessly and boost productivity.

Benefits of Optimizing Agents' Productivity in the Messages Module

  • Streamlining the handling of conversations.

  • Providing enhanced customer support through a deeper contextual understanding.

  • Elevating the overall effectiveness of communication.

Methods for Optimizing Agents' Productivity in the Messages Module

Here are methods that you can use to optimize productivity in the Messages module:

Speed up conversation search and filter process

The Sort by feature provides agents numerous options to filter the Contact list and find relevant conversation.

An agent actively working to resolve open issues can filter the Contact list by Open conversations and sort it by Newest Message. The agent can easily switch the sorting to Longest Open to review issues that have been opened for the longest. This saves the agent’s time from having to scroll endlessly to locate conversations.

Merge duplicate records to get updated context for each Contact

Duplicate Contact records can occur on the platform due to data entry errors or customers contacting the business using different messaging channels. When this occurs, the Contact’s conversation history is spread across multiple messaging channels.

Before starting a conversation with a Contact, it is recommended to check for and merge duplicate Contact records. This consolidates the Contact’s conversation history and gives the agent a complete view of the Contact’s past interactions.

Check for Contact merge suggestions

When the platform detects that the phone number or email address of a Contact is used by one Contact or more, there will be an indicator on the Merge Suggestions tab at the vertical sidebar of the Messages Module.

Perform Contact merge

When there’s an indication for merge suggestion, check for relevancy and then perform a Contact merge to consolidate multiple Contact records into a single, complete record. Learn how to merge your Contacts here.

Initiate conversation on other Channels with the Channel Switcher feature

Agents can use the Channel Switcher feature to initiate conversations on different Channels with Contacts who aren’t responding to previous messages. For a quick guide on how to access the Channel Switcher, click here.

Snoozing conversations for inbox management and follow-ups

Snoozing a conversation provides an alternative to closing a conversation. Agents can use this feature to put aside idle conversations for a given period of time so that their inboxes are clutter-free and they can focus on active conversations.

Agents can also use this feature to automatically remind them to follow up on important conversations. For example, an agent can snooze a conversation with a VIP Contact and closely follow up with the Contact after a specific period of time to check if the Contact is satisfied with the resolution or if the issue is still recurring.

Deliver canned responses with Snippets

Agents can use pre-defined reply templates, also known as snippets or canned responses, to quickly answer common questions. This helps to ensure that your agents provide a consistent response to the Contacts, while still allowing personalization in their responses as needed.

Learn how to use snippets here.

Respond intelligently with the AI Assist feature

AI Assist helps agents leverage the power of Respond AI to conduct engaging conversations with your Contacts. Using AI Assist, you can generate responses to Contacts’ queries and tweak the generated responses if necessary.

Use keyboard shortcuts for convenience and speed

Agents can compose messages to Contacts more quickly with the use of keyboard shortcuts. See the available keyboard shortcuts here.

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