Step: Assign To

This step assigns the Contact to a specific user, a user in a specific team, a user in the space, or unassigns: the Contact.


There are two key configurations in the Assign To step: Action and Assignment Logic.

In Action, Contacts can be directed to one of four assignment actions:

  • A specific user: Assign the Contact to a chosen user

  • A user in a specific team: Assign the Contact to anyone in a chosen team

  • A user in the space: Assign the Contact to any user in the space

  • Unassign: Unassign the Contact from their assigned user or team

In Assignment Logic, choose one of two options (only available for A user in a specific team and A user in the space assignment options):

  • Assign to users round-robin: This method assigns new Contacts equally to every user in turn

  • Assign to the user with least open contacts: This method assigns Contacts to the user with the fewest open contacts

Advanced Settings

The two settings here are independent of each other and are only available for A user in a specific team and A user in the space assignment options. The first, Only assign to online users, assigns Contacts only to users with statuses set to Online. The second, Only assign to users with fewer than XX open contacts assigned to them, assigns Contacts to users with fewer open Contacts than the user-defined threshold.

A Timeout Branch can be added to define the allocated period for the Contact to be assigned to a user. The timeout period can be set for up to 7 days equivalent, or the default period of 7 days will be implemented. Add steps to define the journey for Contacts who do not respond in time, or the Workflow will end when the timeout is reached.

How It Works

Contacts will be assigned to users according to the specified assignment action and conditions. If Advanced Settings are switched ON and there are no users who fulfill the conditions at the moment, Contacts will be placed in a queue until they are assigned, or the timeout period is reached.

Potential Failure

There are three potential causes of failure in the Assign To step. The first occurs if the Contact is not assigned to anyone within the default timeout period of 7 days and there is no Timeout Branch to continue the journey. The second is if the chosen specific user has been deleted from Workflows. The third occurs if the chosen team a Contact is assigned to has no users or is empty.

The contact will exit the Workflow upon encountering the above failures.

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