Change Your WhatsApp Business Display Name

This only applies only to IS-Messenger WhatsApp Business API.

Display Name Overview

The display name on your WhatsApp Business profile is the name of your business. You can assign a display name to a phone number when you add it to your WhatsApp Business account in the Meta Business Manager.

  • Left: Official WhatsApp Business Name

  • Right: Default WhatsApp Business Name

Steps to Change your WhatsApp Business Display Name

Your business can change the display names up to 10 times in a 30-day period. Once the 30-day period is up, a new 30-day period begins. If you exceed this limit, you need to contact Facebook support to make any further changes.

If you have an official WhatsApp Business Account (Green Tick), Contact Facebook's Direct Support and provide the following details to change the display name in your WhatsApp Business Account:

  • Question Topic: Request an Official Business Account

  • Request Type: Update OBA Display Name </aside>

For general verified business and non-official WhatsApp Business Account, follow the steps below to update your display name.

Step 1: Go to your Business Manager and select your business, then click the Setting menu. Select WhatsApp Account in the side menu.

Step 2: Select the account that you want to change the name and you can access your WhatsApp Manager by clicking on the button "WhatsApp Manager" below on the page

Step 3: Under the Name column, hover over your current display name and click the pencil icon.

Step 4: In the Edit Display Name section, enter a new display name and click Next.

Display names should have a relationship with your business and use branding consistent with external sources (e.g. your website).

Learn more about the WhatsApp Business display name guidelines.

Your display name will need to be approved by WhatsApp before an updated certificate becomes available. Once your new display name is approved, the name will be reflected automatically on your number.

It will take about 1-2 days for Facebook to approve the display name and you will get notified by email.

You can check the status of the new display name in the certificate dialog.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What can I do if the Display Name gets Rejected?

When a display name is rejected on WhatsApp, the certificate status updates to "Name Not Approved." However, you can resubmit a new display name by following these steps and making the necessary changes. Once approved, the new display name will automatically reflect on your number.

Display name guidelines

This table outlines the guidelines for display names.


Compliance with policies

A display name should not violate WhatsApp Commerce and Business policies. An example for a shop that sells a variety of sporting goods:

  • Accepted: Sarah's Sporting Goods Shop

  • Not accepted: Sarah's Sporting Goods Shop - Guns department

Within your company, you may have separate WhatsApp Business accounts for different divisions; only those divisions that are compliant with WhatsApp's Commerce policy may have a WhatsApp Business account.

Accurate representation of your business

A display name should represent:

  • A business or its service, product or department.

  • A test account or a demo account and it must maintain an association to the business

    • For example: Fresh Produce Tes

A display name should not be:

  • A generic term

    • For example: Fashion

  • A generic geographic location

    • For example: New York

  • Appearing to have verification

    • For example: Official or verified shouldn't be in the name

  • Contain the name of a Meta product

    • For example: WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger

An organisation with a government affiliation needs the WhatsApp team's approval.

Consistency with external branding

A display name must have consistent branding with external sources, such as a company's website or marketing. What would be accepted and not accepted for a business named Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices is below:

  • Accepted: Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices (how it is branded on your website).

  • Accepted: Fresh Produce Cold Pressed Juices Mexico.

  • Accepted: Fresh Produce Juices - Jessica

  • Accepted: Fresh Produce Juices

  • Accepted: FP Cold Pressed Juices (you added an abbreviation to the company name)

  • Accepted: FPCP Juices

  • Accepted: XY Fresh Cold Pressed Juices Service New York

  • Not accepted: Digital Cloud Solutions(this can't be found anywhere on external sources like on your website)

  • Not accepted: Juice (this is a generic term)

Clear relationship with your business

A display name must have a clear relationship with your business's legal name. For example:

  • Accepted: Legal name of a charity mentioned on a charity organisation's website

  • Not accepted: Legal name of a charity not mentioned on any external websites

If the relationship between your company and the brand is not obvious, indicate the relationship using "by [company name]".

  • Accepted: Fruit Snacks by Fresh Produce

  • Not accepted: Fruit Snacks (Fresh Produce owns the Fruit Snacks brand but their association is not mentioned on any external websites)

If the display name represents a business that the company is working with (if the business is an agency, distributor, partner or parent company), then the relationship between the business represented in the display name and end-client business must be evident and clear on both parties' business websites.

For example, if Global Voyager signs up for WhatsApp and wants to use the display name Commercial Air, they must submit links to both websites stating that Commercial Air is a subsidiary of Global Voyager.

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