LINE Overview

LINE is a Japan-based, cross-platform popular messaging app and social media platform primarily used in Asian countries. The key features include Messaging, Stickers, a Timeline, Vice and Video calls, Games and Entertainment and Official accounts.

If you have a LINE Official account, proceed with connecting your LINE Official Account to IS-Messenger


LINE Official Accounts are free to create. The free Communication plan has a messaging limit of 500.

Paid plan accounts come in two tiers - Light and Standard. These accounts can exceed the paid plan message limit but will incur fees for each additional message sent. You can learn more about the plans here.

Capturing Conversation

To start a conversation, LINE requires users to send you the first message. This is to prevent brands from spamming users.

There are two ways to encourage users to initiate a chat:

You can use Chat links in texts, images, and buttons. These links can be shared in text messages, emails, websites or social media, enabling customers to quickly find your Official Account to chat with you on LINE.

Learn how to create a LINE link here.

Limitation: The links do not work on the LINE desktop app. When users click the LINE links on their desktop, it will either open the official LINE website or pull up a page with a QR code which the Contacts can scan with the LINE app on their phone to initiate the conversation.

QR Codes

Use QR Codes in physical stores to encourage customers to scan on their mobile devices and initiate a chat with your business on LINE. Learn how to generate a QR Code here.

Channel Capabilities

The capabilities of LINE are listed below:

Supported File Types

The file types supported by LINE and the maximum file size for each file type are as follows:

  • Image (10 MB)

  • Audio (200 MB)

  • Video (200 MB)

Message Status Availability

For the LINE messaging channel, the message status availability is shown in the table below:

Message Status






Messaging Limits

LINE has no messaging window as long as you remain in a customer’s contact list.

The Contact will not receive any message if they block you. However, if the Contact unblocks your account, you will receive a Welcome Event notification on the conversation history on the IS-Messenger platform and the Contact will be able to receive your message again.


You can send broadcasts to LINE Contacts using the IS-Messenger platform.

LINE has no restrictions on broadcast message content. However, the available number of broadcast messages is limited to your LINE subscription plan and IS-Messenger plan.

Broadcast messages that exceed the monthly limit will fail to send.

You won’t be able to import Contacts to the IS-Messenger platform directly to broadcast the messages. You will need to build your Contact list by getting Contacts to send you the first message. Read more on how to get Contacts to start a conversation.

Rate Limits

A rate limit is the number of API calls an app or user can make within a given time period defined by the channel. Learn more about the rate limits of this channel.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can I connect to a personal LINE account?

To connect to a LINE channel a LINE Official Account is required. You can create a LINE Official Account here.

How much does a LINE Official account cost?

LINE Official Accounts are free to create. However, the Free plan has a messaging limit of 500 or 1000 messages depending on the region. LINE provides two additional paid plans, Light and Standard. You can learn more about the plans here.

Can I customize the LINE ID?

You can purchase a Premium ID for $12.00 (Yearly).

Can I start a conversation with a LINE Contact?

LINE rules say contacts must message you first before you can message them back. You can share your QR code or link with your Audience.

However, if a user has subscribed to your LINE official account and did not message you first, a "Conversation opened by Contact" message will be triggered on the IS-Messenger platform. This allows you to start a conversation with the Contact.

Do you support LINE stickers?

You can now receive stickers on LINE. However, sending stickers is not supported for now. You can upvote our feature request here.

Do you support LINE Flex messages?

A flex message can be sent out with DialogFlow custom payload response, however, the message will not be shown on the platform, you can upvote our feature request here.

How can I create a QR Code for my LINE account?

  1. On the IS-Messenger platform, click Settings > Growth Widget > + Add Widget.

  2. Select QR Code option and click Create Widget.

  3. Select "LINE" as the QR code type > Select the connected LINE Channel that you want to create the QR code for.

  4. Click Download and select the size of the QR code you want to save.

How can I get a chat link for my LINE account?

Please note that in order to use the generated link, you must have the app installed on your mobile device or desktop.

  1. In your Workspace, go to Settings > Channels > Select your connected LINE channel > Configure.

  2. Copy the Chat Link shown.

How do I change my LINE profile photo?

  1. Log in to the LINE Official Accounts Platform > Navigate to Settings > Account settings > Click Edit next to Profile photo.

  1. Upload your new profile photo > click Save > Click Save again to confirm your action.

How do I change my LINE status message?

  1. Log in to the LINE Official Accounts Platform > Navigate to Settings > Account settings > Click the icon next to Status message.

  2. Edit your status message and click Save.

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