How to Maximize Customer Service Potential with AI Agent

In this use case article, you’ll discover how to automatically assign Contacts to an AI Agent whenever a Contact starts a conversation.

The AI Agent enables businesses to engage with customers instantly by providing quick responses to low-level conversations involving basic product information (e.g., FAQ’s), policies (e.g., return policy), basic troubleshooting steps for common technical issues or errors, etc. By taking over such routine conversations, the AI Agents free up human agents for more complex conversations and tasks.

The AI Agent also serves as a solution to the scalability problems most businesses face during expansion.


  • AI Agent operates around the clock, providing instantaneous customer support irrespective of time zones or business hours. It also reduces customers’ wait time and helps increase customer satisfaction.

  • The AI Agents can manage multiple conversations simultaneously and ensure the business can scale up without additional resources when required.

  • AI Agents provide consistent responses based on programmed logic, ensuring that users receive uniform and accurate information regardless of the time or agent.

  • AI Agents automate routine and time-consuming tasks so that human agents can focus on more complex tasks

Workflow Setup

To use the Assignment: AI Agent workflow template, select Workflows > click + Add Workflow > select Assignment: AI Agent > click Use Template.

Workflow Steps and their functions:

  1. Trigger: The Workflow starts whenever a Contact opens a conversation.

  2. AI Agent: The AI Agent step is triggered so the AI Agent can respond to the Contact’s query.

The following values have been set in the fields:

  • Objective: Answer Questions has been set as the AI Agent’s objective for the conversation with the Contact.

  • Knowledge Sources: From the Knowledge Source dropdown list, select a Knowledge Source suitable for the AI Agent to respond to the Contact’s query or add a new Knowledge Source using the Add Knowledge Source link.

  • Advanced Settings: The Add Contact Idle Branch toggle has been enabled and the default time of 15 min has not been changed. Turning this toggle on adds another branch called Failure: Idle branch, which closes the conversation after 15 minutes of inactivity.Before closing the conversation, the Workflow sends a message to the Contact that the conversation can be opened again by sending a message.

The conversation continues until one of the branch options is met:

  • Success: The condition for this branch is met when the AI Agent and Contact have successfully concluded their conversation and the AI Agent has satisfied all the queries.

  • Failure: Others: The condition for this branch is met when an unexpected technical issue has occurred, e.g., Channel disconnected, Respond AI credits run out, etc. The Contact is sent a message that they are being re-directed to the human agent for further correspondence.

  • Failure: Idle: The condition for this branch is met when the conversation has been idle for more than 15 minutes. The Contact is sent a message that the conversation is closing because it has been idle, but they can open it again by sending a message.

Once you have completed the setup and provided the AI Agent with appropriate Knowledge Sources, click Save and Publish to activate the Workflow. The AI Agent can now converse with Contacts when a Contact opens a conversation.

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