Twitter Overview

Connect ISMessenger to Twitter.

To connect Twitter, a Twitter Developer account is required.

Twitter is a free social networking site where users broadcast short posts known as tweets. These tweets can contain text, videos, photos or links. To access Twitter, users need an internet connection or a smartphone to use the app or website,

As of 2023, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and is one of the top 10 most visited websites.

Twitter has recently made significant changes to its APIs, making it only possible for us to enable new Twitter channel connections with a radical increase in price. As a result, IS-Messenger will no longer allow new Twitter integrations on the platform. Sending and receiving messages on existing Twitter channels connected to IS-Messenger with Basic tier API will continue to work as usual. Do contact us should you have any questions about this update.

Channel Capabilities

These are the capabilities of Twitter:

Supported File Types

The file types supported by Twitter and the maximum file size for each file type are as follows:

  • Image (5 MB)

  • Audio (20 MB)

  • Video (512 MB)

Message Status Availability

Twitter message status availability is shown in the table below:

Message Status







Twitter has no limitation on the content or number of broadcasts businesses can send. Learn more about how to send a broadcast here.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why am I unable to send or receive messages via Twitter API?

Twitter API Access Levels

This is most likely caused by the discontinuation of free Twitter API access. Twitter has announced its new Twitter API access levels. With this new update, you will need to subscribe to the Basic tier by April 29th, 2023 with the cost of $100 per month to ensure the continuity in using Twitter on our platform. If you encounter any messaging disruption, do reach out to us here.

Here’s how you can check the access level of your Twitter developer account:

Step 1: Navigate to the Developer Portal page on Twitter.

Step 2: Click Products on the side menu > Twitter API v2. Verify if you have the Basic tier access level.

Does Twitter have a messaging window?

No, Twitter has no messaging window. Once a Contact has started a chat with you, you can send messages to the Contact anytime.

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