Importing Contacts to Twilio SMS

Importing SMS Contacts

mporting Twilio SMS contacts allows you to send the first message to your Twilio SMS contacts or send a broadcast to your Twilio SMS contacts.

When importing contacts make sure that you have enough contacts available on your Billing Plan.

Importing Twilio SMS Contacts

Before you can import Twilio SMS contacts, you will need to connect Twilio as a channel.

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Settings From Settings Module, navigate to the menu item, Channels

Step 2: Locate the Twilio SMS channel Once you have located the Twilio SMS channel, press IMPORT

Step 3: Upload CSV You will be prompted to upload a CSV with contact information. If you need a reference, you can download a sample CSV file to populate the contact information.

Step 4: Start importing Once you have uploaded the CSV file, press IMPORT. The import job will start processing and shortly after, you will be able to find the imported contact in the Contacts Module providing there are no errors/

CSV File

The uploaded CSV file will require three columns:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone Number

Error Handling

After creating a contact from a phone number, any future entries with the same phone number will be ignored. This means that if there are two or more rows with the identical phone numbers, the platform will ignore the duplicate entries.

If any of the entries are missing a phone number, the platform will ignore the entry and proceed with the next.

However, if an entry is missing a first name or last name, the contact will still be imported. If an entry is missing both first and last name, then the row will be ignored.

Once the CSV has been processed by the platform, an error message will appear in the notifications if there has been any problems with the CSV import.

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