Private Replies

Automatically send a private message to users that comment on your Facebook Post.

Facebook Private Replies is a system that allows a private message to be sent automatically from your Facebook page to any Facebook user that comments on one of your Facebook Page Posts.

If the Facebook user replies to this automated message, the reply will be shown in the Platform and if this is the first time the Facebook user has messaged you they will become a Contact.

Facebook users who comment on your post will only become a contact when they respond to the direct message.

Please bear in mind that ads are not supported for Facebook Private Replies

Configuring Private Replies

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Settings From Settings Module, navigate to the menu item, Channels

Step 2: Locate the Facebook Messenger channel Once you have located the Facebook Messenger channel, press Comments

Step 3: Configure the necessary settings

Select your preferred mode from the following:-

  • Track Comments under ANY post

  • Track Comments under a SPECIFIC post

Step 4: Select the Post(s) If you choose to track comments under a specific post, you will need to specify the posts to be tracked.

Step 5: Add an autoreply message Specify an auto reply message to send to contacts who interacted with the posit

Step 6: Save the configurations Press SAVE to save the configurations

The platform will now track any new comments that are made and automatically send a message to new users.

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