[Contact Tag] existsA Segment is a set of Contacts that are grouped based on certain criteria using filters. Segments are used for categorizing Contacts for broadcasts and can be found in the Contacts Module. They are publicly shared and can be viewed by all users with access to the Contacts Module.

Custom Inbox is no longer linked between the Messages Module and Contacts Module. Custom Inbox now only exists in the Messages Module.

Creating a Segment

You can create a maximum of 500 Segments in your Workspace.

Step 1: In your Workspace, go to Contacts > click the + Add Segment button

A Segment can also be created by clicking the Filter icon when all Contacts are selected.

Step 2: Enter a name for your new Segment and click Save

A Segment must have a unique name to prevent broadcast failure.

Add Filters to your New Segment

Step 1: Select your newly created Segment from the left side menu > Click the filter icon; a sidebar will appear on the right side.

Step 2: Filter your Segment by adding conditions or groups. Use Category and Operator fields based on your criteria. Contacts that fulfill the criteria will appear in the Contact list.

Step 3: To save your Segment, click the Update Segment button.

All the created Segments will appear on the left in the list of Segments. The numbers beside the Segment name indicate the number of Contacts in the Segment.

Editing a Segment

To edit a Segment with different criteria, click the Segment number/action icon > Edit or click on the filter icon for the selected Segment. You can edit the conditions as needed and also save the edited version as a new Segment.

The number displayed on the filter icon indicates how many filters have been applied to that Segment.

Renaming a Segment

To rename a Segment, click the action icon and select Rename.

Deleting a Segment

To delete a Segment, click the action icon and select Delete.

Deleting a Segment is permanent and cannot be recovered!

Default Segments

Several default Segments are available in all workspaces. These Segments are automatically added, but they can be edited, renamed, or deleted like any other Segments.


Contacts created <7 days ago

[Contact Field - Created At] is less than (time) [7 days ago]

Contacts inactive >30 days

[Time since last incoming message] is more than [30 days ago]

Contacts with tags

[Contact Tag] exists

Country known

[Contact Field - Country] exists

Language known

[Contact Field - Language] exists

FAQ and Troubleshooting

How does a Contact automatically enter or exit a Segment?

Segments are automatically updated (enter or exit) whenever a Contact fits certain criteria based on filters set for the Segment. This is an expected behavior due to the dynamic nature of Segments.


Segment A has a filter that includes Contacts with a Tag called "Promotion". At any time this Tag is added to a Contact, the Contact will automatically enter the Segment. Conversely, at any time the Tag is removed, the Contact will automatically exit the Segment.

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