E-Commerce Integration: BigCommerce

Learn how to integrate BigCommerce with IS-Messenger using Zapier to automatically manage Contact information and send customers messages.

Streamline your communication with customers and improve overall customer experience by integrating your BigCommerce platform toIS-Messenger using Zapier. With this integration, you can automate various processes and tasks between BigCommerce and IS-Messenger, such as:

  • real time customer data updates between IS-Messenger and BigCommerce

  • sending customers messages about their orders

  • sending abandoned cart messages to prompt purchases

We’ve created Zapier templates to accomplish some common business goals, so you don’t need to start your Zaps from scratch.

All templates will require you to connect to IS-Messenger; follow the steps to set up a IS-Messenger Zapier integration here.

List of Zapier Templates

Add new IS-Messenger Contacts as BigCommerce Customers

Get a record of potential customers into BigCommerce. This automation will add new IS-Messenger Contacts that you’re chatting with as BigCommerce customers.

Use this template:

Add new IS-Messenger contacts as BigCommerce customers

Add new BigCommerce customers as IS-Messenger Contacts

Need to chat with your BigCommerce customers? This integration allows you to create or update a IS-Messenger Contact when a new customer is added in BigCommerce.

Send IS-Messenger messages for new BigCommerce orders

Customers expect quick confirmation when they place an order. With this automation, you can send BigCommerce purchasers a message via IS-Messenger on the messaging app they use most frequently so they’ll get order confirmation right away.

Send messages via IS-Messenger for abandoned carts in BigCommerce

Prompt customers to make a purchase by sending them a message via the app they use most. This integration will send an instant message to customers if they’ve left something in their BigCommerce cart.

We have Zapier templates integrating with other popular CRM and e-commerce platforms.

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