We occasionally run experiments to help us assess the impact of messaging on WhatsApp user experience and engagement. These are standard practices on our platform and help us improve the messaging exp

Ongoing experiments are described below and have no fixed end-date. In order to protect the validity of the experiment and ensure the best possible business and consumer experience, we cannot provide any exceptions or opt-outs for these experiments.

Marketing Message Experiment

Starting June 14, 2023, roughly 1% of WhatsApp users will not receive marketing template messages from any business unless one of the following conditions is met:

If you send a marketing template message to a customer who is part of the experiment group, your message will not be sent and you will not be billed for it since no conversation was created. Instead, you will receive a message status undeliverable webhook containing error code 130472, notifying you of the failure.

Attempting to resend the message will result in the same error. If you must deliver the marketing template message to the customer, we recommend that you contact the customer by some other, non-WhatsApp means, and ask them to message you so you can resend the message within the customer service window.

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